Set with orange tones inside and out, this compact modern home is a cute place to live in and features 2 charming bedrooms with candy-colored walls. The compact size makes this perfect for small families looking for a budget-friendly home.

There’s a nice porch at the front that you can actually extend through the length of the front wall. Sandstone accents are placed at portions of the porch posts for a nice look. You can always put green plants and flowers around the porch for added curb appeal.

The house makes use of narrow vertical glass windows at the front part for style and much larger sliding glass windows for the other sides.

Compact Floor Plan, Beautiful House

Truly, the size of the house might be important to some but for many, small isn’t really a bad thing. In fact, a lot of houses can still be beautiful despite their tiny size.

Flat roofs are used over the house, but these are designed to complement the look so that even with such a simple roof material, the house itself doesn’t look boring.

Charming Bedrooms, Lovely Interiors

This home features a compact floor plan that puts the kitchen within easy reach from the living room. Lovely counters make the kitchen a space that adds beauty to your home.

The two bedrooms have doors that are placed right by the living room. The bedrooms come with candy-colored walls, creating a charming effect. You can pick fancy furniture to match the cutesy look.

Simple but Efficient Bathroom

The bathroom is located towards the back. The walls have cream-colored tiles while the floors make use of darker chocolate brown material. The bathroom looks nice and is quite efficient despite the simple design. There’s a small half-wall partition between the wet and dry areas.

This compact 2-bedroom house may be built for around Php1 million.