Most people who are planning to build their homes already have a dream design in mind. For most of them, great architecture means having plenty of creative designs in and out of the house. They plan out the roof, openings, and walls to match so that the overall design will stand out yet also create harmony that would make the house look homey.

But others are fond of modern homes with minimalist designs, choosing instead to let the outdoor views and landscape become the highlights instead of the home itself.

Most of the homes on this list might not appeal to many homeowners, mostly due to their very stark, simple designs. Yet those fond of minimalist designs will love how these homes have large floor-length windows and glass walls that allow the occupants to best enjoy the views.

Of course, these designs work best if you have a huge lot where you can enjoy privacy despite the large glass walls. These minimalist designs would best fit in a setting where the outdoors look so stunning that you really don’t want the house to compete with nature.

The modern architectural designs of these home make use of glass to still protect the interior from the forces of nature, but also allows the house to open to the environment. The huge windows and glass walls offer unobstructed views of nature.

While the interior of these homes often has a rather subdued, sober look, you can still choose to brighten up the space with some colorful furniture pieces and décor to cheer up the place.

Of course, these homes might still work in smaller spaces in the city but you might probably be more concerned about privacy because people in the streets could just easily see what’s going on inside your house – unless you put up a tall fence that would block their view; though that would defeat the purpose of your huge windows and glass walls…

Modern Homes with Minimalist Design

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