Providing a total of 3 bedrooms, this modern house is a good option for a growing family. It features a lovely design and a nice porch that’s perfect for hanging out anytime of the day.

Painted in grey tones with black and yellow accents, this home looks nice even from afar. Though the roofs are flat, these are definitely not boring as angles are used to create an interesting design.

There is charm in this lovely home, inside and out. At night, the lights brighten up the space; but these also look stylish enough to be considered as lovely accents during the day.

Modern House Design

Set on a platform, having flat roofs, and featuring a boxy design, this modern house looks beautiful. The grey walls wrap around towards the back while a darker shade is used to mark the platform below.

White is used to frame the huge glass windows, creating a beautiful contrast. The porch is large and has black railings made of steel.

Lovely Interiors

Inside the house has white marble-patterned tiles and walls that are painted in light blue. There are glass windows of different styles, including tall, open and sliding; these create a nice effect. There is a small hallway that connects the living room to the kitchen at the back.

Along the hallway are the three bedrooms, each with stylish doors made of wood painted in light brown. Even the rooms have large windows to let natural light and the fresh breeze in.

Modern Kitchen and Nice Bathroom

This home features a modern kitchen with L-shaped counters, the shorter side of which features stove embedded on the concrete. There’s a stainless-steel hood over the stove while a sliding glass window is set over the sink.

The bathroom actually looks nice, with different patterns of tiles creating a lovely visual effect. This beautiful 3-bedroom home was built for a budget of Php1.6 million.