Set in an expansive lot with a beautiful garden, this modern house features a native vibe that a lot of homeowners prefer to have these days.

Huge windows and sliding glass doors also create an effect that makes one think that nature is just within reach. Fresh air and natural light easily enter this charming home through these windows, but you can always opt to hang out at the large porch with no walls to ensure unobstructed views of your surroundings.

This home has a native vibe, yet the interiors are modern. This is easily observed in the leather couch and tiled floors.

Charming House, One with Nature

Be one with nature in this charming house that’s simply perfect no matter what location your lot might be. This would make a great beach house yet would also perfect in the mountains.

The house makes of natural colors as much as possible so that it perfectly blends with the surroundings, not clashing at all with the natural look. This would look even more beautiful with stone accents or cladding on the exteriors.