Modern House Made of Wood & Glass, With 2 Bedrooms and 3 Balconies

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Make the most of a scenic location by choosing a home that lets you enjoy everything – even without stepping out of your door!

In this modern house made of wood and glass, the huge windows and glass walls allow natural light to come in while also affording you expansive views of the outdoors. But that’s not all. You also get to admire the view from any of the three balconies across the beautiful property.

The 2-level gable roofs protect this wood home, but make sure to have the wood treated and protected with coats of waterproof paint or lacquer to make sure it would last longer against the elements.

An open-top terrace on the second floor is a great hangout for enjoying the view, but two balconies on the raised first floor are also nice for relaxing with family and friends.

Two staircases lead to the two balconies that directly connect to the two large main double doors of the glass and wood atrium with high ceilings.

Inside the house, the atrium can really double as the living room if you add some comfortable furniture pieces. Even in a tropical setting, this house is perfect even for hot days because the huge doors and windows let the air in; but air-conditioning is also provided just in case the days get really, really hot.

The rooms in this house also follow the natural design, featuring wood and glass; thus, you can enjoy the views even while relaxing inside.

But while the house has a woodsy vibe, the modern bathrooms have luxurious amenities and a tiled, non-slip surface.

This home features bright golden yellow light for a warm, natural illumination at night; but you can opt for white LED lights.

While this house was originally designed as vacation home for a wealthy couple, it could easily become anybody’s dream home.