Finding a house design can be a challenge, but the trend these days is to pick one with an eclectic or mixed design. Take a look at this awesome modern house that features a mix of glass and concrete, yet also includes native elements like a thatched roof and lots of impressive wood furnishings.

It’s fun to stay in this lovely house with its fabulous plant-filled porch, spacious living room, and a nice balcony that looks out to a view of the gardens around the property.

Lots of plants in and around the house create a truly homey atmosphere while the porch and the rest of the house provide a comfortable place to rest or welcome your friends.

Lovely Porch, Lovely Balcony

A short flight of stairs directly leads to the porch filled with potted plants. You can opt to put some chairs in this spot for hanging out or welcome your guests in your stylish living.

Up the stairs is a matching balcony that also looks out to a great view. It can be another favorite hangout for the family and can easily turn into a cozy spot to rest with some comfortable furnishings and pillows.

Stylish Living Room, Impressive Wood Furnishings

There’s a lot to love about this modern house, but the impressive wood furnishings are certainly a crowd favorite. It’s easy to love the way these furniture pieces were created using the natural shape of the wood, ensuring that each one is unique.

Some artsy decorations and paintings are displayed in the living room as well.

Modern Kitchen, Gardens Galore

While a lot of contemporary homes these days use an open plan for the living room and kitchen, this house features a modern kitchen set in a separate room.

All around the house are lots of plants and garden spots that can provide you with fresh fruits and veggies all year round, if you love gardening.

It might be possible to build this 2-story house for around Php1.5 million.