With its bright orange walls, this modern house stands out from the neighborhood but in a nice way. It features 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, making it an ideal choice for the family.

What’s great about this house is that the orange tones might be bright, but these are still pleasing to the eyes – more like candy tones. Different accents are used define various designs around the house, creating lots of interesting styles that add curb appeal to your home.

Brown shera wood is used in some walls, too.

This wide-angle house looks outstandingly beautiful even when seen from afar.

Beautiful Design

This house features a beautiful design, with flat roofs cut to match the shape of the house. The roof of the porch is set at a much lower spot and angles towards the front.

Wide stairs lead directly to the sliding glass doors but also provides access to the porch set on the side.

Gorgeous Indoor Style

Just like the exterior walls, the interiors of this house are painted with orange. Double recessed ceilings create added interest inside the house and is matched with the double star design on the floor.

This ceiling design is also used over the dining area but the spot is only defined by a white floor.

Stylish Bedrooms

Two of the bedrooms also have orange walls but the master’s bedroom is set in blue. What’s great about this modern house is that it was decorated with much attention to detail so that even the bedrooms have stylish ceilings and lovely lamps.

The sliding glass windows are covered with nice curtains hung on stylish rods.

Nice Kitchen

Located towards the back of the house is a nice kitchen with surprisingly green walls. Grey tiles are used as backsplash while the L-shaped counters have a lighter shade of brown as tiles.

The construction budget for this 3-bedroom house is Php1.5 million.