Modern house designs are so popular these days because these homes look great and, more often than not, also feature a porch for hanging out. Just like this contemporary home that features a fabulous design, a lovely porch at the front, and a mix of concrete and glass for an upgraded look. It also comes with spacious interiors, interesting light fixtures, a modern kitchen, and an elegant bathroom.

What more could you ask for, really, in this beautiful home?

Even from afar, it has a great design that you can be proud of. Plus, it’s also a great place to stay for the whole family, with spaces for various activities.

Welcoming Entryway, Contemporary Design

Like many modern homes, this one features a welcoming entryway that has a porch with built-in benches. Your visitors can hang out at this spot, enjoying the cool breeze while you’re having a chat over a cup of coffee.

Sliding glass doors also upgrade this house’s look and even make the space appear to be bigger.

Mix Materials, Beautiful Day and Night

For best results, this house was designed with mixed materials. There’s concrete for stability, but glass and steel make this place look even better.

The glass windows have a white frame that match the frame used for the sliding glass doors. While steel is used for the porch beams and benches.

Even the tiles on the floors are different, creating clear boundaries among the parts of the house without the need for interior walls.

Elegant Interiors, Modern Kitchen

The glass windows, white walls, cream-colored floors, and interesting light fixtures of the living room make this space look more elegant.

The bedrooms also have a similar design.

Meal preparations can be easy in the modern kitchen with a single-line counter and a sliding glass window.

This house can cost you at least Php1.6 million to build.