Green is a color that’s soothing to the eyes, but would you build a house that’s entirely green, inside and out? Well, someone did it and actually managed to build a good house with green walls and furniture, lots of green rooms, and even a green kitchen.

The 2-story house is painted with a mix of pastel green and forest green on the outside, creating a nice effect that’s pleasing to the eyes.

There’s even a balcony on the second floor for you to relax any time of the day, admiring the surrounding view. Part of the first floor is a garage that can fit two vehicles.

Modern House Design, With Carport and Balcony

This modern house doesn’t have a porch because the front part is used as carport or garage. But if the cars are out, this spot can easily double as your extended living space.

The second floor features balconies that can be accessed from the rooms and also from the common areas.

Spacious Bedrooms, All in Green

Just like the rest of the house, the bedrooms are in green – from the walls to the curtains and beddings! But if that’s too much for you, choose cream or other neutral colors for the fabrics.

It’s a good thing that the floors aren’t tiled in green; they’re in white. But the baseboards, trims, accents, and various portions of the house are in various shades of green.

Modern Green Kitchen

Even the modern kitchen is decked with green cabinets, accents, and seat covers. Many of the plasticwares are also in green. The L-shaped counters have mocha-colored tiles while the floors are in white.

This house features interesting lights and fixtures, creating a stylish look for your home. The bar set to one side is green, too – as you might have already deduced.

This 2-story house costs at least Php2.8 million to construct.