Modern houses feature flat roofs and a lovely porch at the front for hanging out with the family or welcoming guests. While most homes in the past make use of neutral colors, a lot of modern homes pick brilliant colors.

This contemporary 2-bedroom house has such a design and is decorated with pink exteriors that make it look so sweet. Meanwhile, the interiors have pastel blue walls.

Two of the support pillars at the porch are made of concrete with sandstone tile accents while four rectangular metal tubes are used both as accent and support at the other end. The eaves are painted in green to match the color of the flat roofs over this beautiful home.

Beautiful Pink House

With its modern design and pink exteriors, it is easy to see why this house stands out from others in the neighborhood despite its small size. Painted in two hues of pink, it looks great even from afar. Even the wood battens used as accents are painted in pink.

The porch is welcoming spot at the front where you can gather with friends or simply enjoy the view.

Lovely Blue Interiors

Inside this home, the walls are painted in pastel blue that’s pleasing to the eyes. The living room covers a large portion of this lovely home and provides direct access to bedrooms. A short hallway leads towards the kitchen and back area.

Large Kitchen, Nice Bathroom

Most parts of this home have white tiles, but the kitchen floor is in brown. The large kitchen located towards the back features two single-line counters that are separated by the space for the backdoor. Just like the rest of the interiors, the kitchen also has blue walls.

The bathroom has multi-colored tiles for added effect but the concrete areas are still painted in pastel blue. This charming home was built for around Php1.4 million.