There are lots of homes that look great even if they only have one floor.

Others even up the game by making the yard and fence look fantastic to match their beautiful home.

Just like this 1-story modern house with a stylish carport and a lovely courtyard.

It even comes with a nice porch, spacious living room, modern kitchen, and bedrooms with lots of built-in cabinets.

This place is certainly something that you can be proud of having as your home.

The white exteriors look great against the courtyard, creating an elegant look. But you can always add some splashes of color on the walls or as accents if you want to make this space look more fun and exciting.

Stylish Carport, Beautiful Porch

The house uses flat roofs set and styled over different sections of the house. These spaces create a good opportunity for adding a roof deck, an additional hangout for you and your family.

Metal accents create a unique space on the porch for hanging some plants. This might even make a great spot for adding a climbing Santa Claus and some elves during the Christmas season. Looks like fun, right?

Spacious Living Room, Elegant Interiors

Like the exteriors, the interiors of this house also feature a lot of white, but some walls are painted a deep shade of burnt orange. The living room is spacious.

This house boasts green spaces that feature a lot of plants, creating a soothing, fresh effect. There’s even a vertical garden near the door.

Modern Kitchen and Dining Area

Instead of the usual chairs, the dining area features a long table with benches.

Surprisingly, the kitchen features wood-inspired floors even if the living room has long, white tiles and some woodsy accents.

Stylish Bedrooms, Nice Bathroom

Built-in cabinets are hung around the headboards of the beds while the bathroom features modern fixtures.

A house like this could cost at least Php2 million, especially because of the modern accents used all over the place.

Source: Awesome Philippines Houses