In trying to find the best house design for your home, you can opt for something that has a native yet also modern appeal. This has become popular in recent, thanks to homes like this one that features amakan exteriors, a concrete base, L shape, glass windows, and tiled floors. It’s definitely not your typical bahay kubo, right?

Building this house can be easy on your wallet, especially because most of it is made out of amakan. It’s a bamboo-based material that doesn’t cost a lot, but can cover a huge area.

Because many native homes don’t last long, or at least as long as concrete ones, many homeowners now choose to use a concrete base before topping it with their chosen native materials.

L-Shaped Home, Mix Modern & Native Design

A home that can be ideal for your growing family, it features an L-shaped design that puts your bedroom and the common areas in separate spots. But you can always update the design in the future, to increase the floor area if needed.

It’s a mix of modern and native design, creating added interest to your home. Though it’s not yet completed, it’s obvious that this house has a deck in front. You can use bricks to upgrade this spot, when the budget allows.

Glass Windows, Tiled Floors

In most native homes, the windows and floors are also made of native materials, usually the same as the main material used for the walls. That’s why many native homes also have bamboo or wood windows and floors.

But this one features more modern fixtures, with tiled floors and glass windows. These really upgraded the look of this home.

Modern Kitchen, Nice Dining Area

There’s a modern kitchen in this home, with L-shaped counters that make food preparation much easier for you and your family. There’s also a nice dining area just a step away.

Just like the rest of the house, the bedroom also has tiled floors.

It would cost around Php600,000 or less to build this native home.