What’s your dream house like? For some people, it’s living in a simple yet functional house with native amakan walls, a concrete base to last longer, and comfortable furnishings. The house in this article does all that, but with pizzazz as it also makes use of modern fixtures, glass windows, and floating shelves in the interiors to create a great house that you’ll surely love to live in. The outdoor swimming is a big bonus to this place.

A nice home that you can proud of, this house might appear rather simple on the outside but the interiors exude elegance.

The exteriors are kept in natural brown for the wood and amakan parts, while the interiors are painted in white or soft cream colors.

Lovely Entryway, Beautiful Native House

At the front of the house is a lovely entryway with its own awning roof that juts out from the side, supported with steel bars. This structure is actually a big hint that this is more than just your simple bahay kubo.

On the side of the door is a vertical accent that appears to be made of rocks from afar, but is actually created using wood pieces. This house was clearly built by a really creative person.

Stunning Interiors, Modern Features

Double French doors connect the living room to the dining area and kitchen at the back. You can also find floating shelves surrounding the flat-screen TV mounted on the wall, opposite an oversized couch, and ready for movie marathons.

The ottomans neatly store under the glass table, but can easily be pulled out if you have more people watching the movies or hanging out in the living room.

Stylish Bedroom

As expected, the bedroom is stylish and features quirky furniture pieces, including a hat and coat stand designed like a little leafless tree.

Even the bathroom looks glamorous.

Impressive Kitchen, Beautiful Outdoor Swimming Pool

Like many native homes, the kitchen is located at the back – yet this isn’t your ordinary “dirty kitchen.” Instead, there are modern features such as the built-in oven, backsplash and wall in white subway tiles, and a large gooseneck faucet over the stainless steel sink.

It wouldn’t be surprising at all if this house would cost you around Php1 million to build. But you should add another million for the swimming pool.