Modern One-Story House Design with Huge Open Terrace

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These days, a lot of families prefer having a 1-story house because of many factors, including building and maintaining the house at low cost, plus keeping the space safe for little kids and the elderly occupants.

In this modern 1-story house design, there’s plenty of space for the family to gather and have a good time.

Modern One-Story House Design

A truly welcoming home, the stairs directly lead to the huge open terrace where everyone can hang out, no matter what time of day. There are built-in benches placed on two sides of the terrace, but space is huge enough for additional furniture, such as a sofa or even table tennis and other entertainment options.

Modern One-Story House Design  2

If you plan on using this design for your home, it is best to complement the open terrace with beautiful landscaping. This might even work great if you add a pool.

Modern One-Story House Design  3

Huge sliding glass doors make the house more welcoming; though the terrace would surely be a favorite spot for you and your guests.

Modern One-Story House Design  4

The owners of this house just couldn’t get enough of their beautiful view. So, they also added an extra porch at the back; they definitely love the outdoors!

Modern One-Story House Design  5

There’s a kitchen and wash area at the back.

Modern One-Story House Design  6

This home also features huge windows for better ventilation and for you to best enjoy the view. To maximize the space, the living room is combined with the dining room; but both areas are still large enough to accommodate the whole family.

Modern One-Story House Design  7

There’s ample space for a huge bedroom. There’s only one bedroom in this house, but that makes it a great option for a family who’s just starting out. The house design is also perfect as vacation home.

Modern One-Story House Design  8

Making use of wood and concrete, this beautiful modern home is pleasing to the eyes. The roof is made of reinforced tiles in brown, but you can opt to change the material to suit your budget.