Making use of orange and grey tones, this 1-story modern home has this antique appearance and Old World appeal – and that makes it perfect! Guests will keep on guessing whether this new is brand new or antique!

They are likely to guess it right, of course, considering that the structure features modern designs like the combination of sloped and flat roofs as well as large, sliding glass windows and doors. But the washed out colors and the bricks accent still make one wonder whether the owners simply upgraded an old brownstone bungalow into this modern beauty.

Front View and Main Entryway

Wide steps lead to the main entryway and the open porch set to the right side of this home. One room juts out into the left side of the home; yet this creates style instead of looking like an obstruction.

A large table with two long benches are placed in the porch, making this spot perfect not just for hanging out but also for having some snacks – you can even have dinner here, too!