A 1-story house with 3 bedrooms, this is a good option for a growing family. Its modern platform design also makes it stand out among the other houses in your neighborhood and provides you a better vantage point from your huge porch.

The house makes use of different colors to create a lovely exterior that you can be proud of. Lights are strategically chosen to make this house even more fantastic to look at, whether day or night.

There are three bedrooms in this modern home, each with ample space for a big bed and a closet, plus lots of extra space for other stuff you might want to add.

Great Design

Set on a platform at least 50cm high, this house offers a commanding view of your surroundings. The house features a flat roof design that’s both stylish and economical.

The huge porch at the front really seals the deal for many who wish to have a place to hang out with family and friends.

Huge glass doors and windows also upgrade the look of this modern home.

Stylish Interiors, Economical Design

This house features three bedrooms, a kitchen set towards the back, and one bathroom. Considering that this could be home to a bigger family, more bathrooms might be ideal but this design is economical. You can always opt to modify this design to add one more bathroom, perhaps an ensuite in the master’s bedroom.

The walls are painted in grey, but you can cheer up the look with colorful curtains and printed art or accents. Wooden doors and sliding glass windows are provided in all the rooms.

Large Kitchen

At the back part of the house is the large kitchen that features a single-line counter topped with granite tiles. The floors of the kitchen have wood-inspired parquet tiles.

Based on estimates, this 3-bedroom house could be built for a budget of Php1.8 million.