Modern Single-Story, 3-Bedroom House Perfect for Farm & City Locations

Set amid beautiful rice fields, this modern single-story, 3-bedroom house is a great place to live in. But this home is not just perfect for the farm, it would also be ideal even for city locations.

Refreshing and pleasant to the eyes, this home makes use of gray tones with an occasional splash of orange and yellow that actually make the place look more elegant.

This huge home is great for a growing family, with plenty of space for various activities.

There’s ample space for two cars, a porch, three bedrooms, and three full toilets and baths. Its modern look is a sharp contrast with the rural setting, in a nice way.

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Front Design and Porch

This house features a modern carport with brick walls for added elegance. A short flight of stairs leads to the porch with its lovely orange and yellow battens. The double glass doors add sophistication to this home, making it truly perfect in any setting.

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The owner chose to not put a fence around the property so as not to spoil its beauty. But if built in a much smaller lot, you can pick a fence that would match the house design.

Elegant Interiors

Just like the carport, the interior of this house has brick walls on some parts and marble-inspired prints on others.

Built-in cabinets made of wood and steel create ample space for the homeowner’s decors and multimedia appliances while also helping reduce clutter.

Floors have wood-inspired tiles.

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Lovely Bathrooms

Even the bathrooms look great! Each decorated in a different manner, the bathrooms are truly a place for relaxation and comfort.

One features a light brown look with printed tiles and white fixtures while another has dark brown and gray tiles that create a beautiful contrast with the white fixtures.

Gorgeous Outdoors

Inside and out, this house is truly something that you can be proud of. Standing majestically handsome amid the rice fields, this home has plenty of beautiful details that add to its curb appeal.

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This house was built for around Php2.6 million ($51,300), including its lovely interior designs.