Modern small house Japanese-style design with elegant interior views

Bedroom for Parents and newly born

Who says a crib inside your bedroom will ruin your design aesthetics? Parents can actually opt to bring the baby inside to sleep with them in the room while still having the bed itself for them.

It creates intimacy and closeness in the family. It also reflects, how the parents want to be able to take care of the baby at night and be able to check the baby and attend to the baby’s needs at a whim.

Check out this master’s bedroom with a matchy-matchy white crib! The vertical bars of the crib are accentuated by the vertical bar design of the headboard. As well as all white bed sheets for the master’s bed and the crib.

The bed sets the tone and is usually the feature on most bedrooms, as in this case. The color palette chosen is in hues of mocha and mauve and white. Thus create a warm tone in a simply furnished modern elegant bedroom.

Shades of gray for the colored bed linen continues to the ceiling and is highlighted by the mocha colored walls. The master’s bed taking on white to dark gray. Whilst the crib is white and mocha.

The full-length curtains in the same color palette and the tall vertical line design of the aristocratic headboard in white almost continued by the white-framed art painting combines to create an impression of height.

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