Modern Split-Level Box Type House Built on 200 sqm of Space

2 min

This modern split-level box type house is built on 200 sqm of space. There is obviously a lot of space in this house for every lifestyle.

Set in the modern era, the house is set on a platform that supports a full basement that can easily double as storage space or a family den.

The other box is set on posts that are so high they actually constitute one story of height. Thus, this portion could easily be used as a carport or even as an extra hangout for you and your family. Just add some tables and chairs to make this spot more comfortable.

Modern Design

The boxy design creates a modern look that attracts viewers even from afar. This house has a commanding presence and looks rather mysterious as it combines two different box portions that have different functions.

Construction budget for this box type split-level house is at Php3.3 million.