This modern split-level box type house is built on 200 sqm of space. There is obviously a lot of space in this house for every lifestyle.

Set in the modern era, the house is set on a platform that supports a full basement that can easily double as storage space or a family den.

The other box is set on posts that are so high they actually constitute one story of height. Thus, this portion could easily be used as a carport or even as an extra hangout for you and your family. Just add some tables and chairs to make this spot more comfortable.

Modern Design

The boxy design creates a modern look that attracts viewers even from afar. This house has a commanding presence and looks rather mysterious as it combines two different box portions that have different functions.

From the front, this house looks great as it makes use of lots of concrete and glass. The walls and support pillars are painted in white but there are accents of brown and black all over the place.

Lots of Balconies

There are also plenty of balconies at this house, with one wrapping around two sides of the master’s bedroom located at the second floor.

Another balcony is set at the main entrance, creating another nice spot to read a book or hang out with your friends for a chat while admiring the view around the house.

Elegant Interiors

As expected, the interiors are spacious and elegant. There are lots of spaces for everything. One end of the house is designated as the living room where you can find a huge flat-screen TV mounted on the wall.

The stylish stairs lead to the bedrooms located at the second floor portion of this modern home. This is illuminated by stylish drop lamps as well as several small vertical windows.

Construction budget for this box type split-level house is at Php3.3 million.