Having front and back porches make this modern style 2-bedroom house a popular choice for design, particularly because it lets you enjoy the view around your house.

The front porch features a welcoming design that directly opens to the main part of the house through the double glass doors while the back porch would be great as a hangout where you can enjoy the view of the back. This would be perfect for a home with a pool or fantastic views in the back area.

Inside the house, there is plenty of space for various activities. The living room is large and has plenty of space for entertaining your guests.

Great Design

A modern design that comes complete with a flat roof and beautiful stone-decked posts at the front porch, this house is perfect for everyone. Landscaping perfectly complements this house which also comes with a picnic set at the lawn that matches the porch.

The color scheme of white and grey extends from the front to the back of the house; though the back porch is less fancy than the one in front.

Spacious Interiors

The house is spacious. The living room is huge and can also share space with the dining area. However, you can also opt to dine in the spacious kitchen at the back.

It is also possible to simply convert the space for the dining area to another room so you can have a 3-bedroom house instead of just 2 bedrooms. That’s your choice.

The large L-shaped counters in the modern kitchen features granite countertops, wooden cabinet doors with vents, and two sliding glass windows that open to the view outside.

Gorgeous Bathroom

Inside this house is a gorgeous bathroom that you can truly be proud of. This stylish bathroom features shiny white walls plus an accent wall just behind the toilet bowl. The huge showerhead looks so beautiful.

This 2-bedroom house can be built for a budget of around Php1.8 million.