With a budget of around Php1.4 million ($27,000), you can have this beautiful modern style 2-bedroom house that looks great inside and out! A joy to behold but quite affordable for many families, this house features a split-level design with a raised floor for bedroom side.

It might look too simple from the side, but from a higher angle, this home actually has plenty of remarkable features. This lovely house has various dimensions and designs that are just perfect. You’ll surely be proud to live in this beautiful abode.

Even the flat, sloping roof has an economical yet stylish design.

Gorgeous Frontage

A truly modern home, this makes use of concrete and steel to create a beautiful design that would easily stand out from the homes in your neighborhood. The main doors are made of fully sliding glass with the same style as the one used in the Master’s Bedroom that opens to the balcony.

The lights are thoughtfully picked out to complement the design.