A modern house with boxy design and cream-colored walls, this is a good place to start a family. It is small enough to be easy on the wallet yet big enough to be comfortable.

The minimalistic design is good as it creates a comfortable home without too many accents that could add to the costs of building this house. But you can also opt to modify the design for some accents to beautify the space.

The flat roof slopes a bit towards the back while a shorter roof slopes towards the front, covering the carport and the porch areas quite nicely.

Modern House Design

This house features a modern design that looks nice, with plenty of sliding glass doors and lovely glass windows that add beauty to its appearance. The main entry is through the sliding glass doors at the porch but the master’s bedroom also has its own sliding glass doors that opens out to the garden.

Nice Interiors

The interiors are not fancy but has ample space for the living room and dining area. Some of the walls are also painted in cream but the others are in mint green to brighten up the space.

A tall media cabinet looks stylish in the living room, housing the flat-screen TV and various pieces of decoration. The recessed ceilings look nice over the living room that’s accented by a 5-lamp piece to illuminate the place.

Lovely Bedrooms

There are two lovely bedrooms in this house and one bathroom. While the bedrooms are not exceptionally huge, these are both comfortable and have a nice layout. You can add framed photos or artwork on the walls.

Modern Kitchen and Bathroom

The L-shaped kitchen counters have ample space for various appliances in the modern kitchen. Sliding glass windows allow fresh air and natural light inside the kitchen while the floating brown cabinets look great on the walls.

Even the bathroom also looks modern and features a glass shower enclosure with hot and cold shower. The construction budget for this 2-bedroom house is worth Php1.2 million.