Whether living in a gated community or in a spacious lot with plenty of spaces for beautiful landscapes and a swimming pool, this modern style 1-story house would make the perfect home for a small family.

The welcoming home features a carport that directly connects to the house. This spot can double as a place for the kids to play in or an extra hangout for the family. There’s also a small porch that connects the carport with the main entryway to this modern home.

Sliding glass doors have a dark tint for added privacy to your home. This can be quite useful, especially if your home is set near the road.

Adding curb appeal to this home, the fence around the property matches the design of the metal bars at the porch area and carport. The simple design makes this no-fuss place look elegant and also ensures that the homeowner can keep the place safe without a lot of added expense.

White marble tiles add elegance to this home while the light blue walls make the house feel homey. The doors are left in their natural color; though you can opt to add paint of your choice to personalize the look.

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