Looking for a house design that you can build on a very narrow lot? That’s exactly what was achieved in this very narrow 2-story house that even comes with a tiny garage for the family’s motorcycle!

As expected, you won’t find a lot of space in this very narrow house. But netizens were quite impressed that the homeowners were actually able to build this kind of house on that property over that lot. Also, while it is really so narrow, the interiors still had a small space for the living room.

Living in this house can be a big challenge if you’re claustrophobic. But for people who don’t have a choice because their lot is really this narrow, actually building this one takes a lot of creativity and guts!

Very Narrow House Design

We’ve all seen a number of house designs for narrow lots, but this one really takes the cake. It’s the narrowest house we’ve ever seen! We’re quite sure you’re saying the same thing.

There’s really not much to say about this house in terms of its design because the two walls on the longer sides were built similar to that of a firewall. Making sure it doesn’t go over the property line, the house stands tall, with very few windows (located at the end part) and a very slim roof, with no gutters.

Narrow slats could also be seen as windows of the front portion on the second floor. It doesn’t do much to improve the aesthetics of the house but still provides some ventilation to the space.