For the majority of people, living in a wide and spacious abode may be a factor in their comfort.

However, there are times that the luxury of space is not within reach. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise your comfort when you only have a narrow space.

Below are houses that are narrow yet stunning. Scroll down to see them all.

1. The Shaft House

This 20-feet narrow house that is in complete contrast with its intricate neighbors stands out because of its narrow and box-like appearance.

But despite the crisp appearance, it more than made up for it with its spacious and light interior that is definitely a must see.

2. This Narrow House In Nada, Japan

What will you do with a 36.95 square meter rectangle lot? Build a unique but spacious multi-story house, of course.

Despite this house in Nada having few and small windows, the inside looks very bright as skylights are used to maximize natural light.

3. The Promenade House

Just when you thought you can’t do anything with a very long lot with only 4 meters wide and 35 meters deep, FORM_Kouichi Kimura made it work with the Promenade House which is also in Japan.

The house is only 2.7 wide but is made with complex and very intriguing elements that depict beauty and uniqueness.

4. Another Tokyo Narrow House

Narrow houses seem to be prevalent in Japan. This narrow house in Tokyo sits on a site that is only 2.5 meters wide. Imagine having a house whose width is smaller than a car garage.

The team behind the design used dark colors and a simplistic approach plus a glass facade to depict elegance.

5. Riverside House

Houses that are built beside a river are required to have an easement equivalent to what the building code of the area is.

This Riverside house is built like a triangle, because of the site footprint that is left for it.

Source: HomEdit