These days, a lot of people prefer to build concrete homes because these are sturdy and when built properly, are sure to last a lifetime. Yet there are also many who would still choose to build native houses because of their beauty and simplicity.

A lovely place to live in, this native house design comes with amakan walls on both the inside and the outside. Though the walls are made of light materials, the base, floor, and some walls of the house are made of concrete to make it sturdy.

This native house also comes with a loft that’s designed to be a bedroom.

Fancy Native House

With its fancy design, this native is perfect both as a family home or a cottage at a resort. It comes with complete amenities and can be easily expanded to add more rooms, if needed.

The house is really just a small one but it comes with a beautiful porch made of amakan and bamboo. This isn’t your typical bahay kubo, however, because it comes furnished with two fancy oversized couches that you can often see in huge modern homes.

Creative Interiors, Compact Floor Plan

The strong points of this house are in its native vibe and creative interiors. It is a fancy place that you would surely want to stay in. From floor to ceiling, it really looks so refreshing, but the owner revealed that the native floors are actually tiles. Still, they do look so nice and perfectly matches the native theme of this house.

There are also artsy lights used to illuminate as well as decorate this house.

Beautiful Loft Bedroom, Modern Kitchen

A narrow ladder leads to the second floor. This could be easily made safer with railings, particularly of there are kids around. The loft itself is small but can easily accommodate a mattress for your bed.

Beneath the loft is a modern kitchen with a small but functional space. There’s even a hood over the space for the stove. Even the bathroom looks so large and modern.

Definitely not your typical Bahay Kubo, this house could cost around Php400k or more.