Perfect in a tropical setting, this simple but beautiful native dream house is a great choice for many families for its economical value. It provides a roof on your head and keeps you safe from the elements without hurting your pocket.

The bottom part and floor of this 1-bedroom house makes use of concrete to keep it sturdy while the upper part is made of native materials such as bamboo slats. Supports and beams are made of wood, possibly coco lumber to keep the costs low, while the roof is made of ordinary GI sheets.

This home would have looked better with nipa roof, but the owners picked GI sheets to make it sturdier and to ensure it will last longer.

Beautiful House Design

The design of this house is simple and makes use of bamboo to create a nice effect on the upper walls. The bottom part is made of concrete that you can paint brown to achieve a wood effect. The main door and windows are also made of wood.

One window juts out to the outside and serves as a spot for lovely decoration or some plants to beautify your space.

Native Interiors

The floors on the ground are made of wood slats while the ones at the bedroom on the split level are made of bamboo. Meanwhile, the interior walls are cladding made from plywood.

Plants are added inside the house to freshen up the space while green curtains keep the Earth theme. There are also plenty of interesting art pieces inside this house that are displayed in the living room.

Lovely Kitchen

Despite this being a mostly native house, the lovely kitchen is modern and makes use of concrete cabinets and tiled countertops. Pots and pans are hung on the racks while open cabinets are placed on the walls.

A 1-bedroom house like this costs just around Php100k to build (estimated).