This beautiful 2-story native house design is a dream home for many families who wish to have a lovely place to live in, with a stylish balcony, and elegant glass windows.

Native Wood House Design

White trim creates a nice design around the doors and windows while narrow tree trunks are used for the posts supporting the balcony and porch area.

A lovely native home, it comes with a concrete foundation and main floors but with bamboo cladding over all the exterior walls. These bamboo materials were painted with lacquer for a more natural finish.

In building a house like this, it’s important to make sure that the bamboo exteriors are treated and painted with water sealant before construction.

Impressive Native House Design

This house stands tall at 2 stories high. It comes with an impressive native design that looks great even from afar. A stylish balcony comes with a hammock and some comfortable furniture for hanging out and enjoying the view.

Natural wood cuttings are used of the railings at the balcony.

Mix Modern House

The roofs are made of modern color-roof material but still supported by wooden trusses and beams. You can always opt to use steel instead, but make sure that the house walls and posts can support the heavy weight.

Even the sliding windows of this house are made of glass, creating an elegant look that you can finish with some thick curtains or drapes. The stylish screen material is also used for the windows to keep insects out while still making the place look good.

Nice Interiors

Though the house isn’t finished yet in the pictures, it’s clear that the interiors would be nice judging from the care that the builders and homeowners put in making the exteriors look great.

This house has enough space for two or three bedrooms on the second floor while the main floor is for the living area, kitchen, and dining space. A 2-story native house like this would cost around Php400k to build.