Searching for a native house design? This house can be a lovely inspiration, thanks to its beautiful wood furnishings and double walling.

While some people might consider this “unfinished,” some homeowners also prefer to keep the house to be as simple and raw as this. It features a nice porch for hanging out, floor tiles, and double walling that can help it look more modern and last longer.

House with Beautiful Wood Furnishings Front
Awesome Philippines Houses

The interiors look great with their minimalistic design and natural colors, but you can always update the look with a coat of paint on the walls to create a more contemporary look.

Sturdy Native House, Designed to Last Longer

When you’re building a native house, it’s important to make sure that the foundation is strong and sturdy. Of course, that does for any house, but it’s crucial for a native house to prevent it from getting destroyed much earlier than it should.

Awesome Philippines Houses

It’s also very important to get your lot and native materials treated against termites and other wood-boring insects.

Simple but Beautiful Home

Quite a simple house design, this one features a gable roof that gently slopes on both sides.

Because of the nearly flat roof design, you can save on the roofing costs for this home. However, it’s still a good idea to have a taller roof for keeping the house cooler.

Awesome Philippines Houses

Like many native homes, it is surrounded by a lot of plants, creating a soothing and fresh look. Plus, that’s good for keeping the air clean.

Nice Porch, Lovely Interiors

Seating is provided by the built-in benches at the porch, but there’s also a bamboo sala set for added comfort.

Awesome Philippines Houses

The exterior walls are made of bamboo slats, while the interiors have plywood double walling. We love that the floors have tiles because these surely upgrade the look of this home.

There are also plenty of windows in this home to let the fresh air and natural light in.

Because of the limited space, multipurpose furniture would be a great choice for this home.

Awesome Philippines Houses

Depending on what materials you’ll use in building this kind of home, it can take anywhere from Php100,000 to Php500,000 to get this up.

Source: Awesome Philippines Houses