Cute Native House Design with Charming Balcony, Lovely Bedrooms

There’s just something about native houses that make them appealing to the eyes! Just like this tiny beauty of a home with a cute native design, charming balcony, lovely bedrooms, and a surprisingly modern bathroom.

Set in a spot surrounded by lush gardens, this charming little home is great for a small family. There’s always room for expansion later on, as the family grows. But the house is already great as it is built now.

The gable-style roof is set high above the house, with one extending right down to the balcony area which also doubles as the main entrance for this home.

Native House Design, Small Home

It’s really the native design that makes this house so appealing to many homeowners.

You might want to use this design for an extra structure on your property or even as a vacation home. Yet this would also make a great standalone house.

The frame is made of wood and the house is set on concrete footings. The walls are made of amakan while the roof is created with bamboo and nipa.