20+ Photos of Beautiful Native House Design with Modern Interiors

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Did you know that you don’t really have to spend a lot of money to have a beautiful house?

In a post that had gone viral, Zhang Valcurza shared photos of a small native house that actually had beautiful modern interiors that one might associate with much larger homes made of concrete, perhaps.

From the outside, the house design looks completely like a native house. The exterior was covered in woven bamboo strips that created a lovely design to this small house.

Small French windows open up to the view outside.

A curved canopy was placed on top of the entrance, creating the illusion that the house had a porch.

Just like many homes in rural areas, this one was also not built directly on the ground. Instead, it had a clearance of about 1 foot underneath. Yet this native house is not your typical bahay kubo in the province.

Upon entering the white-painted door, you see a steep and narrow staircase that leads to the loft above.

A small table was also placed by the window, attached to the wall. This gives the area much needed extra space while also providing the family with a place to eat. The table does not take up much space; thus, you could still use the area beneath the table for storage.

Built-in cabinets were placed in the kitchen, providing space for storage above the sink area.

The loft area is small as expected, yet it is enough for sleeping space for a couple, perhaps, or two kids. However, the design is not so good for small kids as they might fall off, but this would be great for bigger kids or the parents.

Just like many small native homes in the Philippines, it was likely that the living area also doubles as bedroom come night time.

Although small, this native household its charm and looks much sturdier than your usual Bahay Kubo.

Image credits: Zhang Valcurza / Facebook