While a lot of people would say that the bigger the home, the better they will feel and that it would make them feel happier as proof of their success, there are also many who prefer to have small homes. After all, they argue that the happiness that a person experiences in a home clearly does not depend on the size of the house but the size of the love that the people inside have for each other!

But who said small homes are ugly? A lot of small homes still look fantastic and are even an envy for many.

Take for example this native house with a dream look that comes from the gorgeous wood materials used to build this beautiful place.

Superb House Design

It might be small, but this house boasts of a superb design that many people would like to have for their home. There is a huge porch at the front that’s about the same size as the interior enclosed with the beautiful slabs of wood used for the walls.

Natural Look

Everything is painted in natural brown, allowing the wood’s designs to stand out.

Instead of cutting the wood evenly to create a more seamless design, the wood here is used without a lot of modifications. The resulting design creates a more natural look that’s so pleasing to the eyes.

Even the tables and chairs of this house are made of slabs with uneven sides. There are also artwork on the walls of the house, also made of wood that retained their natural shape.

Instead of looking messy, the natural wood designs actually enhance the overall look of this native house.

Modern Roof, Windows

Although this is a primarily native house, a modern roof is placed above to make the structure last longer. However, wood is still used for the beams and other supporting materials. Meanwhile, the windows are made of glass.

The price for building a gorgeous house like this depends on many factors, including the price of the wood, but it could be around Php200k to Php500k.