Finding the best design for your home can be a challenge, but there are lots of great ideas on the internet for you to choose from. Take for example this 2-story native house with a farm theme. It can be perfect for someone looking for a spacious home that’s made from native materials, stylish bedrooms, a modern bathroom, and a lovely balcony.

The farm theme of this house is evident in its high floors that makes the first one a great hangout or extended living room. There are also lots of spaces allocated for various farm animals and you can always make a garden right beside the house.

Farm-Themed House, Native Materials

Standing tall with two floors, this house is a great place to live in, but be careful if you have kids or seniors who’ll live with you. There’s always an option to add one room on the first floor if there are seniors in the house.

The first floor has concrete flooring. The posts supporting the second floor are also made of concrete and steel, but these are wrapped with bamboo to complete the native look.

Beautiful Balconies, Lots of Sleeping Areas

The balconies wrap around this house, creating lots of spots for hanging out and enjoying the view of your farm. These spots also make great sleeping areas any time of the day, particularly because you can enjoy privacy because it’s high above the ground.

Still, there are bedrooms with walls in this house but the wooden floors make it easy to find any spot to sleep on the second floor.

Modern Bathroom

Don’t worry about the bathroom because it’s not made of native materials. Instead, it’s modern and has a flush toilet. There’s also a shower at one side – and there’s always an option for you to turn this into a hot and cold shower.

In building this house, invest in sturdy posts and floor materials. A native house like this could cost around Php1 million or more to build.