Planning to build a small house with 2 bedrooms and a total floor area of 50 sqm? This house design might be something that could fit your style and budget. Built for Php320k, the house looks so beautiful with its native theme, with the lower half build in concrete and the upper half in amakan.

Although it has a native vibe, this house is also a modern home for your family. The roof is made of contemporary long-span color-roof material with matching fascia and gutters.

Inside, the floors are topped with wood-inspired ceramic tiles that clearly upgrade the look of your home.

Stylish Native Mixed-Modern House Design

A fabulous place to live with your family, this house looks great inside and out. The exteriors are not painted to look more natural, but make sure to cover the amakan material with a liberal amount of waterproofing lacquer to make it last longer.

There’s no porch in this home but adding some chairs at the front can create a nice picnic spot or hangout.