When it comes to building a house for the family, a lot of people prefer native houses for their cool design and cheap construction costs. This simple native house comes with a modern roof, a nice balcony, and fresh interiors with two bedrooms.

Native House with Modern Roof

In building a house with native materials such as bamboo, it is important to keep these materials off the ground to prevent early rotting. That’s why this house is built over posts made of concrete, ideally supported by iron bars.

If you can, it would also be a good idea to lay out a foundation and connect these posts together for added stability.

Simple House Design

This native house has a simple design, but it is something that many people enjoy living in. The main entrance is at the side of the porch area, with the porch floor and railings also made from bamboo materials.

Wood is used to support the beams and the roof of the house for added stability while plywood creates budget-friendly walls around this home. Even the main door is made of plywood.