Built on concrete posts that elevate it around a meter off the ground, this lovely native house features a nice porch, two bedrooms, and another balcony at the side for admiring the garden. It has a traditional house design that you can often see in the province, with a roof made of GI sheets and walls made of wood boards and battens.

The cream-colored walls look nice on this native house. The supporting posts are painted with blue while the porch is painted in brown for a more natural look.

Concrete is also used for the first two steps of the stairs, ensuring that the wood material will last longer.

Nice Porch, Native House Design

There are lots of features that make this house a favored one in a rural setting. The elevated or raised floor system ensures that the wood materials used to build this house are off the ground where they can be easily accessed by termites and other wood-boring insects or pests.

The porch acts as the main entrance to the house, with lots of built-in benches where you can hang out with guests and family.