The pandemic has affected so many people, yet it also turned the life of others for the better.

On Home Buddies Community, netizen Jane Solasco shares photos of the house they managed to build during the pandemic – and we love how they were able to turn the empty space into something so beautiful as a 3-story house with a roof deck, lovely balcony on the third floor, and lots of lovely spaces where they can relax and have fun as a family.

The house features a modern façade softened by the many plants. This creates a look that’s pleasing to the eyes.

Contemporary 3-Story House with Nice Roof Deck

Standing tall at three stories high, the house also features a nice roof deck or an unofficial fourth floor that looks out to the view around the home.

While the homeowner didn’t share the view from up their home, having that roof deck is certainly useful, especially as a hangout during late afternoons or evening.

Plus, you can even use this space for drying your clothes to save on electricity.

Lovely Interiors, Beautiful Accents

Having three floors is a great thing because there are lots of spaces you can use for different rooms and hangouts for the family. Although the homeowner didn’t share the floor plan, you can use your imagination and personal preference to spread the rooms and common spaces across the floors of your house.

Most likely, the first floor is for the living room, kitchen, and dining area, while the upper floors are for the bedrooms.

Modern Kitchen, Stylish Accents

The modern kitchen shares space with the fabulous dining room with a 6-seater table. The lavender paint job on the kitchen cabinets makes the space look so stylish.

Plus, there are also plenty of stylish accents all over the kitchen, living room, stairs, and various places all over the house.

Building this kind of house can have different costs, especially if you want to add other elements that this homeowner wasn’t able to do due to the limited space.

Due to its sheer size, height, and creative elements, you might need at least Php2.5 million to build a similar space.

Source: Jane Solasco, Home Buddies Community