What house style do you prefer as your dream home? Many people these days prefer having a native home, especially because the native design can help keep the house cool even on hot summer days.

Set on a nice property surrounded by rice fields, this house features a stunning view of a mountain and the farmlands around it. It also features two comfortable rooms, a nice living room, a modern dining room and kitchen, and a porch that features a swimming pool for the kids to have lots of fun.

There’s even an extra bahay kubo on the property so you can have added space for having guests around.

Half-Native, Half-Modern House

This house has all the makings of the modern home, including steel railings at the porch – but it also features a sweet design with half-amakan (sawali) at the upper half.

There are also beautiful porch lights set on the walls, creating a nice effect, especially at night.

But you can be sure that this is a sturdy home, thanks to the concrete foundation and posts.

Stylish Interiors, Superb Double Walling

The interiors of this home have a contemporary design, with the double walling creating a sophisticated look. Beige or cream walls would make the perfect backdrop for this elegant home.

Floors can be made of real wood or you can opt for wood-inspired ceramic tiles, which can last longer, especially when installed properly.

This home also features stylish accents, including lovely lights and some rattan furnishings.

Lovely Bathroom, Beautiful Pools

The all-white bathroom looks great, with its creative accents and recessed sections on the walls, perfect for the toiletries.

There’s also a cute mirror with gold trim.

For reference, the owner also shared a copy of the floor plan, in case you want to use this design as inspiration for your home.

It’s best to set aside at least Php1 million as budget for building this home.

Source: Erick Salamat / Lovely House Designs

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