A nice 3-bedroom house with modern style, this abode also features large spaces that one might not expect in most homes. A parking garage is also placed at one side of the house, with ample space for up to two motor vehicles and some motorcycles.

It has a beautiful façade painted in different shades of grey. Large glass windows create the illusion of space and provide natural lighting all over the house.

The porch at the front area is a lovely place to hang out, with built-in benches made of wood and steel. This home is also perfectly complemented by the beautiful garden.

Water Feature, Modern Style

At the front area of the house is a small pond. This water feature adds to the value of this home. You can pick koi or other nice-looking fish to keep this spot lively.

This house features a modern style, with a flat shed-style roof and a separate flat roof covering the carport.

Large Indoor Spaces

Grey is also used at the walls inside the house. This makes the space look more elegant while providing a sophisticated backdrop for the beautiful accents all over the place. The black floor-length kitchen add style to the space, though you can opt for more colorful fabrics to brighten up your home.

There’s plenty of space to freely move inside this house, with each spot in the house well-decorate to suit the elegant theme.

Spacious Bedrooms, Expansive Kitchen

The bedrooms in this house are large and could accommodate a sofa bed. This allows you to enjoy movies in your room while lounging on the sofa or simply opt to have the bigger bed spread out for added comfort.

Beautiful accents are also used inside the bedrooms.

The kitchen is huge, with lots of spaces to create full meals for family and guests. There’s also ample space for the dining area, with a beautiful wood table and chairs.

This large 3-bedroom home could be built for less than Php2 million.