Having a house to call your own is something considered a major achievement – and the good news is that you don’t have to spend millions to have one.

Some people are able to build something for less than a million pesos.

In fact, many have built a modern home for much less – such as this nice and simple house that was built for just around Php250k. Awesome, isn’t it?

This lovely house has an area of 16 x 22 ft. While a house this tiny won’t work for everyone, it’s enough for a small family.

It’s also a good choice for a new couple or even as a retirement home. Another option is to get this house set up for an AirBNB unit.

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Saving on Costs with DIY

The homeowner who shared the photos explained that they were able to save on the costs because their father was actually the one who built the house.

Their dad was even the one to prepare the plans and didn’t hire a helper or laborer. Instead, one of this impressive dad’s children helped him build the home from time to time.

Modern House Design

While the homeowner didn’t indicate their dad’s experience and capacity to build the house, it’s clear from the design and workmanship that he knows what he was doing.

There’s a porch at the front with built-in benches that can be used as extra seating spaces or a cool spot to display plants (perfect for plant lovers).

The exteriors are painted in various shades of gray, but the interiors have splashes of color.

Charming Interiors, Nice Floor Plan

Blue is used for the interiors, creating a soothing yet elegant effect.

You’ll also love the marble-inspired floors and the artsy ceiling.

The bedroom in this charming tiny home is also painted in blue, with blue-themed sheets.

This house was built for just Php250k, though expect to spend more if you’re hiring a contractor.

Source: Awesome Philippines Houses