In building a house, the design often takes center stage. That’s because the design is the primary reason for your guests to love your home, plus it would also make you proud of your space and how you built it.

Set on 120 sqm of space, this gorgeous Nordic style wooden 3-bedroom house with high floors is truly a joy to live in.

Having high floors meant that this house is a good design to pick for areas that are frequently flooded. Just make sure, of course, that the foundation and the posts supporting the house are strong and reliable so that your house will last for many decades.

Great Design, Beautiful Deck

This house boasts of a great design that’s perfect to look at, even from a distance. There are lots of stairs that provide access to this lovely home, with an airy atrium that comes with high glass windows.

Wood battens are used on the exterior walls. Painted in natural brown, the house truly looks elegant. Part of the structure juts out to one side, creating rooms that have lots of windows so you can always admire the view no matter where you are in the house.

The beautiful deck is wide and has a welcoming design that makes you want to hang out all day.

Aside from their usual function, sliding glass doors provide beauty to your house.

Lovely Bedrooms, Charming Bathroom

This house features 3 bedrooms, all with lovely designs and ample space for relaxation. The floors are made of shiny wood while the walls are also made of brick-inspired wood designs. Many of the furnishings are also made of wood. Lush curtains brighten up the rooms.

This 3-bedroom house comes with a charming bathroom with white walls that make it look brighter. Wood can be quite expensive, depending on your area. This house would most likely need a budget of at least Php1.2 million.