Though our houses differ in a lot of aspects, most of us live in conventional homes – homes that are firmly planted on the ground, with strong foundations and a stationary structure.

But there are homes that are simply out of the ordinary, and they stand out for their impressive structures that one might easily see in sci-fi movies because they are so out of this world!

Architect Roberto Rossi designed an octagonal house that rotates 360 degrees in both directions. With its eight sides showing different aspects and the roof fitted with solar panels, this is clearly an impressive abode.

But some netizens are joking that you’ve got to move fast if you want to get inside your house because it moves a lot, like the stairs in Hogwarts! LOL.

Of course, the reality is that you can choose to let the house rotate at all times, stopping only if you want to get in or out, but you can also choose to make it stop moving.

And while some netizens are left scratching their heads in wonder why anyone would think of building such a house, it is worthy of note that this isn’t the first rotating house or rotating structure out there. Rossi based his design on Villa Girasole, a rotating house in the 1930s.

But Rossi’s rotating house is not just something that he did to make a house stand out. Instead, the rotation option is added to maximize the house’s energy-efficiency in gathering sunlight from the built-in solar panels on the roof.

And while many would think this house is simply wasting energy by its rotations, it is actually self-sufficient because the solar panels can generate enough power to provide for the needs of its occupants.

A balcony allows you to enjoy the view around the house. And if you don’t like the view at a particular moment, you could always rotate the house to find a better one. Sounds cool, huh?

Check out this impressive video of this 360-degree rotating house:

Roberto Rossi Rotating House

This house can rotate 360 degrees.

Posted by GIGadgets on Monday, 9 September 2019

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