So many OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) will tell you that saving money and building their dream house can be difficult, maybe even impossible for some. But there are also many inspiring OFWs who were able to make their dreams come true, such as the one from Saudi who managed to build this grand house in the middle of a beautiful farm.

Although the OFW, Louie Alvaro Diwa, didn’t indicate whether the farm was also a product of his work in Saudi, the post explained that this house was built from his sacrifices and being too thrifty to save money while working.

Many OFWs can certainly relate to being thrifty and the many sacrifices. But it’s great to see dream houses like this one as a fulfillment of their dreams.

Grand House, Lovely Entrance

When it comes to building a house, many of us want a big, grand one where there’s lots of space for everyone, whether in the common areas or in private bedrooms. Of course, not everyone gets to fulfill that dream, but it’s great to cheer for those who actually did, right?

Just like OFW who created this grand house with its stone-inspired exterior accents, stainless steel railings, and contemporary design.

Elevated about a meter off the ground, this house stands tall despite being just one-story high. It has a light, beige exterior and white interiors.

Stylish Living Room

The ornate main door opens to a huge, stylish living room with beautiful marble floors and a large sectional sofa that can even be used as a bed if you need more space when there are lots of guests.

Oozing with creativity, this space features a lovely ceiling, a huge TV mounted on a wooden wall, and a nice carpet that defines the space.

Modern Kitchen and Dining Area

Like the rest of the house, the kitchen and dining area are huge and modern. It also features a stylish ceiling that matches the design used in the living room.

Even the dining area is defined by a lovely carpet.

The cost of house construction can vary, but it could take at least Php2.8 million to build this grand house.