OFW Builds House from Earnings in Dubai and Kuwait, Story Goes Viral

Everyone dreams of building a house for their family – and that’s definitely every OFW’s dream. But many OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) aren’t able to immediately build a house for their family due to different reasons, with many waiting until their children are done with their studies before finally focusing on their dream house.

That’s fine, of course. After all, many families also believe that education is the key to success. These OFW parents also want their kids to succeed in life.

Like other OFWs, that’s a story familiar to house owner Ar Lyn Pentio who was only able to start building the family’s dream house when her eldest daughter completed her college education.

OFW Builds House with Earnings in Dubai and Kuwait

Pentio shared that she started working abroad in 2011, spending time in Dubai and Kuwait. However, she wasn’t able to build their dream house immediately because she focused on her children’s education.

When her daughter graduated from college in 2017, the OFW mom invited her to work in Dubai with her. It was only then that they were able to start building their dream house.

Modern Design, Comfortable Home

According to Pentio, the house isn’t done yet, but they’re surely going to improve this now that her daughter helps out with the expenses.

Their house features a modern design, including a charming porch at the front. It also features a comfortable living room with lots of plush sofas to relax in. It’s really a nice place to hang out in and have a good time with the family.

Lush Exteriors, Nice Home

This lovely OFW house also features a nice garden with lots of lush grass all around, and nice plants to soothe your eyes. These soothing plants can help you relax after a busy day.

The actual costs of building a house can vary, depending on various factors, but you’re likely to spend at least Php1.8 million to build this one.