Many of us have a dream home to build for a family, though most take many years, even some decades, to build because of different reasons.

But it’s wonderful to hear good news of those who finally make it, like this OFW (overseas Filipino worker) who was finally able to transform their old home into a dream house for Php2+ million.

The 2-story dream house features ample parking space for one car, stylish interiors, a modern kitchen, and four bedrooms on the second floor.

Created by ArchCube Design+Build, this house stands on a 43 sqm lot and has two bathrooms and a laundry area.

2-Story Dream House, Modern Design

This beautiful dream house stands tall at two stories high. Due to the limited lot space and having a firewall to most of the sides because of its proximity to its neighbors, the owners can’t have a balcony here. But if you were to use this house as inspiration, you can ask your architect to add that if there’s space.

The low wires at the front of the house mar the view, but this shouldn’t be a problem if you pick a good location for your home. But for this OFW, they were merely using the space for their old house and had to deal with these wires.

The house itself has a modern boxy design, plus a gate that doubles as the wall for the garage.

Stylish Interiors, Modern Kitchen

You’ll love the stylish interiors with creative accents in this dream house. The architect placed the stairs towards the front of the house, sharing space with the garage to keep the living room and kitchen spaces intact.

Floating cabinets create a nice look at the living room, while the modern kitchen features a lot of built-in cabinets.

Beautiful light pieces were picked for all parts of the house, easily upgrading the look with this home essential.

There’s a small altar at the landing and a window that looks out to the front of the house. A narrow corridor separates the rooms.

This house was built for Php2+ million.

Source: Jerald David, Awesome Philippines Houses