OFW in Singapore Builds Beautiful 2-Story House with Minimalist Design

An OFW (overseas Filipino worker) who worked in Singapore for 2 years was able to invest in a beautiful 2-story house with a minimalist design. It features a balcony that looks out to a stunning view, a nice porch, expansive living room, modern kitchen, lots of stylish bedrooms, and even a cute cupboard under the stairs.

This house looks great inside and out, with a modern yet minimalist design that you’ll also going to love.

White is used as theme for most of the walls, although there are some accents in certain areas for added style. Different tile styles and colors are used across various areas of this home.

Nice Balcony, Functional Porch

A great place to stay, this house features a nice balcony that looks out to great views. Even its railings look stylish but also add safety to the house.

The porch below isn’t just a hangout but can also serve various purposes. It acts as a carport for the family tricycle but can also holds various whatnots.

Spacious, Stylish Interiors

It will certainly feel good to live in this house, thanks to the spacious yet stylish interiors. It isn’t even fully furnished yet, but the house already looks wonderful.

Even the common area on the second floor has a huge sofa, making this another hangout for the family.

Large Bedrooms, Modern Design

The bedrooms are also large and have a modern design, making you feel comfortable anytime of the day. There are huge, built-in cabinets, providing plenty of space for your clothes.

Modern Kitchen, Built-in Cabinets

As expected, this house also features modern cabinets with lots of built-in cabinets. You can easily prepare meals in this kitchen, filling it up with modern appliances.

A modern 2-story house like this would cost you at least Php3 million to build, but it’s certainly a good investment especially for this OFW.