Plenty of people who buy a basic house from subdivision or housing developers know that they will likely need to make renovations to make it look good. But the right contractors can make your simple, basic house look like a luxury home.

On Facebook group Home Buddies, Dino Carlo Manalastas Abella shared photos of the renovations that they made on the basic, raw house he and his fiancée acquired. The APEC Homes raw house looked simple, but thanks to changes done by their contractor, the renovated home looked fantastic afterward. The luxury home now looks like it can be at par with others in a high-end subdivision.

Turning a Basic House into a Luxury Home

No matter how small or big a space can be, the right builders and interior designers can make it look fantastic and luxurious. It’s always a good idea to do research so you’ll find the best guys (or gals) to do the job.

That’s what Abella, an OFW (overseas Filipino worker) was able to achieve with their unit in APEC Homes.

Despite having an area of just 44 sqm, they were able to make the house look bigger with some modifications. It seems that every inch of space was used to make this house look and feel much better than it was originally.

For example, the space under the stairs was used for a home office, complete with built-in cabinets.

They knocked off a couple of walls to make space for a balcony on the second floor or a bathtub in their bathroom.

Stylish and Minimalistic

The house has a stylish and minimalistic theme. The large, white marble-inspired tiles make the space look wider, while they kept the walls as bare as possible to minimize clutter.

There’s a bar in the dining area, and the couple made sure to add a modern kitchen as an extension of their house. They even made a cute addition for the laundry area.

This certainly is a home that anyone can be proud of.

The amount you spend on building or renovating a house like this can vary, especially with the floor space, what you’re allowed to do (if it’s in a subdivision), and other factors. But be prepared to spend around Php1 million (possibly less) for a renovation and at least Php1.8 million if you build it from scratch.

Source: Dino Carlo Manalastas Abella / Home Buddies