OFW Shares Photos of House Built after Working in Singapore Since 2015

An OFW shares photos of the house they were able to build after working in Singapore since 2015. The lovely house isn’t complete yet, but it’s a wonderful labor of love and a dream house that the family can call home. It features a porch with stone-inspired wall tiles and a stylish doorway. The bedrooms are spacious and have stylish floor-length curtains.

You might also love the ornate furnishings that are made of wood inside and outside of this lovely OFW home.

The pyramid house roof design is perfect for places that are often hit by strong winds and typhoons or storms. But even in other places, this kind of roof design still looks great.

Stone-inspired Porch Elements

The porch is the first spot where you can welcome your guests, so make sure that it looks nice and welcoming.

It would also be a good idea to create a stylish porch, just like this stone-inspired porch that features different tile designs for the walls and floors. Even the posts have a different stone-inspired print.

The stainless steel porch railings also look great, while the natural wood planter certainly makes this space better.

Lovely Common Areas

Wood furnishings are used in the living room and dining area – even the standing mirror has an ornate wooden frame.

The divider between the living room and kitchen is a tall cabinet with glass doors, creating a lovely effect that also provides plenty of storage or display spaces. You can put your collections in this divider.

Spacious, Beautiful Bedrooms and Nice Bathroom

We love that this house features spacious, beautiful bedrooms with wood furnishings that easily match the ones used in the living room and dining area.

This house also features a bathroom divided into the toilet and bathing areas by a glass enclosure. Surprisingly, this space also uses wood doors instead of the usual PVC that many modern homes use these days in toilet areas.

It might take at least Php1.3 million to build this house, although you might be able to spend less for this nice home.

Source: Awesome Home Ideas and Decor

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