Just like humans, houses also get old. With time, old houses can look rather ugly and dirty, even with regular cleaning! While it might sometimes be a better idea to simply demolish the old, dilapidated house and build a new one, that can be quite expensive.

Factor in the need to pay for the demolishment, you might have to pay twice the cost of simply building a new one in a new lot. But there’s another way to do it – hiring people to transform the old house into a stylish new one. That could save you a lot of money.

Transforming the Balcony

The balcony is an extension of the house that allows you to enjoy the view from where you are. But this is the one that’s most exposed to the elements and tends to get dirty faster than the others.

Instead of having an open balcony, why not transform it into this elegant space enclosed in glass? That gives you enough space to add a pantry – perfect spot for a home office, too!

Stylish New Living Room

The drab living room was turned into this stylish new one with newly painted walls and floor-length sliding media cabinets.

Instead of the recessed walls to hold some display items, this was covered up and replaced with a lovely ‘floating’ table with drawers to store stuff like remote controls. Add some plants, comfortable furniture, and accent pieces. Voila! Hotel-like ambience.

Elegant Bedroom

The old windows were knocked down and replaced with full sliding glass. Planters were added to this window for a touch of greens. Even the doors were replaced by more modern designs.

Getting rid of the armoire, this elegant bedroom features built-in cabinets that frame the bed, creating a makeshift headboard.

Impressive Bathroom

The house renovation wouldn’t be complete without upgrading the bathroom. Everything was actually replaced – from the tiles on the walls and floors to the new, stylish fixtures that create a hotel-like appearance to this once old home.