Having a gorgeous home is a must these days, what with the many great samples you can find online. Check out this modern 1-story house that comes with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 porch, and 1 lovely carport that can also double as outdoor living room if you have lots of visitors.

This home has a contemporary style, with its hip roof to one area and flat roof at the other. Gray and brown sandstone tiles create accent at the outdoors while the elegant indoors are truly a joy to live in.

The house is also set on a platform for a nicer look.

Outdoor Design and Porch Area

A beautiful home, especially on the outside, this 1-story abode features a welcoming porch area accessed by a few steps from the ground level.

The porch and carport posts have matching designs, creating a beautiful effect on the outside. Modern lamps illuminate the place while also adding beauty to the porch area.